In an effort to offer young people in-sights into the career options in front of them,   HKIM organized a ‘Youth Marketing Conference 2012 ‘ on 13 October at the Sunbeam Theatre for the marketers-to-be to share the successes of our experience-rich guests and speakers.

200 students from different colleges and universities attended the Conference.

The function was officiated by Sherman Lam, Chairman of HKIM and Jeffrey Hui, chairman of the HKIM Activities Committee. Dr. Vincent Wong, Managing Director of Pompei Holdings Ltd. was the guest of honour. The speakers were winners of the ‘Outstanding Young Persons’ award: David Siu, founder of Gideon Limited Company, Dr. Edwin Lee, founder and CEO of the Bridgeway Broker Co. Ltd, Cheng Ka Ho, Wushu athlete and 3 times champion of World Wushu championships and Ronald Ng, president of Baron School of Music. Celebrity Fiona Sit was also present to share her life experience.

In addition, ‘The Hong Kong Sign Language Musical Company’ and ‘My Concept’ performed sign language dances and magic show respectively for the enjoyment of the audience.

The speakers shared important messages about tenacity and coping with life’s adversaries. Mr Siu talked about a difficult youth period where he became a drug addict and was a gang member. He was finally able to break free from the dark circumstances through Gospel drug rehabilitation. Siu now counsels youth-at-risk by sharing his personal experiences. Dr Li told stories of Colonel Sanders, and the “best kid in the block” to drive home messages of struggling through hardship and doing the right thing. Mr Ng, a classical musician by training, took up pop music later in his life. He found that his background in the classics enabled him to be a much better composer of modern music, and is inspired to establish a cross-over music school combining the old and the contemporary. Pop singer Fiona Sit entered the music scene as she loves singing, but finds out that the industry is not only about vocal talents. The successful artiste has to have a image, has to star in movies and do promotions to raise her profile and lead to people listening to her music. She sank into a depression due to the pressure of the scene, but was able to recover with the support of friends and family. Fiona now firmly believes that a person must pursue his dreams and interests.

The conference was a huge success with a great turn out. The ‘marketers-to-be’ felt that it was a worthwhile afternoon to spend and they learned not only about planning their own careers, but also making constructive efforts to reach for their dreams. Last but no least, we have to thank POMPEI Holdings Ltd. (HKIM company member), for sponsoring this Conference.

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